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You have the choice of underground invisible motors or modern above-ground versions.

We will advise what is best for your automatic gates, depending on their size and material. Other factors are the nature of the ground and exposure to strong winds.  The topography can dictate whether a sliding gate has to be used, but then there is the question of adequate space to accommodate the gate when open.  If space is limited, perhaps our bending sliding gate solution would fit the bill.   Weather, especially strong winds, can require a more powerful motor on swing gates, less prone to breaking down, because of the wind pressure increasing the weight of the gates for the motors. We discuss all of this fully so that you will know the reasons for our recommendations.  

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Above-ground automation.  
Looking at the gates from the house, the modern automation motors can be seen in the middle of the gates, wired into the brick piers.  The gates could also have been mounted on wooden or metal posts.

Below ground automation.  
If you look carefully you can just make out the tops of the motor casings at the foot of each pier under the gates, providing a practically invisible automation.

Sliding gates
Sometimes a sliding gate is the best option to close a gap.  Perhaps the opening is too wide for swing gates to cope, or perhaps the lie of the land makes the operation of swing gates impossible.  We can solve any automatic gate problem, just contact us using the enquiry form or calling 01442 253341.

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